DevXUnity | Extract & Replace FusionFall Textures + Sounds & More! | Latest Version

FusionFall DevXUnity | Extract & Replace FusionFall Textures + Sounds & More! | Latest Version Oct 3, 2022 - LATEST

Credit to original author :
This is a cracked version of the full Game Recovery license of DevX.
  • Download and extract the .zip in releases
  • Run "DevXUnityUnpackerRun.exe"
  • A prompt will appear informing you that DevX will freeze for a little bit, press "OK"
  • When message that says "data loaded" appears, press "OK"
  • DevX is ready to use when you see "DevXUnityEditor-GameRecovery" on the top left of the application.
DevXUnity Unpacker Tools
DevX Unity Unpacker Tools makes it possible to open the game's asset files and view their contents.
This is especially helpful when you need to know which bundles contain specific NPCs, textures, sounds, etc.
You can also extract or edit some contents directly.

To get you started: click on the file icon and select "Open as Asset File"

For a more detailed tutorial, visit the link below:
How to open FusionFall Bundles with DevXUnity

Why Use DevX?
  • Restore C# Source (as much as it's able) And freely inspect it within
  • Restore Unity Project of game, and explore the scenes freely, with useful information such as Transform, Rotation, Scale, and More (In some cases you can even go as - - far as building the game (assuming you have the patience to fix a whole lot of broken scripts)
  • Generate ASM (For inspecting within the tool)
  • Allows for modification and repacking of OBB (found in Android/Obb/PackageName/) and Asset Bundles (Android/Data/(PackageName)/(UsuallyFoundWithinHere)%
  • Modding the Transform/Scale/Rotation/Texture/Mesh of ANY GameObject in the game lets your imagination run wild. (you can create custom maps)
  • Access and modify MonoBehavior scripts (Extremely useful, see guide)
  • Good extension to have for modding (Can view/modify all components used by a GameObject, and see which scripts are attached/used
  • Basically having almost as much power as a developer
  • There's a whole lot more that I'm too lazy to list, but I'll let your curious mind explore ;)
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